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All riders, teams and associated parties participating in the MLA Championship Series accept and commit on behalf of themselves, their legal guardians and or agents to adhere to and observe the rules within the intent of the rules written in a clear and unambiguous manner.  If any rule deems to be unclear to the competitor, the competitor is advised to request clarification to the rule, regulation or technical requirement in question submitted in writing to the MLA technical staff.  No verbal interpretation of a rule, regulation or technical requirement will be deemed valid.

It is the responsibility of each rider and or team to ensure that all persons involved observe these rules, regulations and technical requirements at all times.  Everyone participating in the MLA events, understands that the activities of the event are very dangerous and involve risk and danger of being seriously injured, paralyzed and understand that death can occur.
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1.1   All riders planning to compete in the MLA must be no younger than 4 years of age.

1.2   All MLA competitors will be classified into the following classification:  Youth (4-14 yrs of age), Amateur (14-24 yrs of age), Vet (25+ yrs of age), Pro Am.

1.3   All riders between the ages of 4 – 17 years of age are considered minors and must have a parent or legal guardian or be accompanied by an authorized adult before they can compete.

A)     A parent, legal guardian or authorized adult must be present and remain present at all times during the participation of an MLA event.

B)      The participating minor must have full consent of the parent or legal guardian or authorized adult by signing the participating minor’s entry forms.

C)      A notarized authorization giving responsibility to an authorized adult by a participating minor’s parent or legal guardian must be made available and given to the MLA clerk to be kept on file along with the signed release forms.

1.4   A rider’s age on January 1 will determine their age for the remainder of the year.

1.5   A proper legal release must be executed and accompany each MLA license application.

1.9 Riders and all persons associated with the rider, i.e., family and/or pit crew or representatives who direct foul language to any race official, referee, staff, medical staff or other riders or crew members are subject to disqualification of the entire competition.

1.10 Each rider is responsible for the actions of their pit crew, family members or associates accompanying the rider.  Any detrimental or abusive actions by these individuals put the rider at risk of disqualification.

1.11 All riders/competitors must assess for themselves the track, facilities and existing track conditions and make their own independent judgment and assume all risk of participating in the competition.

1.12 The rider must be large enough and mature enough to control his/her motorcycle at all times and ride in a safe manner.  The referee has the authority to disqualify a rider and/or remove the rider who cannot safety control his/her motorcycle.

WARNING:  Motor vehicles, motorized vehicle competition are DANGEROUS.  Mishaps can occur and can cause injury or death.

B – Classifications

1.1   MLA rider classification will be as follows:

a)      50cc 4-8

b)      Youth 65cc-250cc (7 yrs – 16 yrs)

c)       Amateur 122cc – Open (14 yrs – 24 yrs)

d)      Vet 122cc – Open (25 + years)

e)      Pro Am – riders competing for cash, prizes and AMA pro points. (Not holding a pro license)

f)       Pro – riders that hold a professional racing license earning 1-25 pro motocross points or supercross points in the current or previous year.  Riders qualifying for the final 40 in either pro motocross or supercross main event, in the current or previous year.  Riders qualifying for the final 40 in an FIM, MX1, MX2, MX3 grand prix event in the previous year.

g)      Women 14+ 99cc – 250cc

1.2   Riders are responsible to enter only classes which they are eligible.

1.3   The MLA reserves the right to classify riders not yet classified.

1.4   Riders advance from one level of classification to the next based on their (RPV) as defined by the AMA rule book.

1.5   All rider classifications and advancement will be concurrent with the classification and advancements according to the AMA rules and guidelines.

C – Entries

1.1   The MLA reserves the right to remove any competitor for breaking any rule.

1.2   No more than six classes may be entered by one competitor.

1.3   Pre entry will be available to all MLA events.  Pre entry will close 10 days prior to the event.

1.4   Riders may post enter.  Additional fees will apply.

D – Entry Cancellation

Pre entered riders must cancel their race entry within 72 hours of the event entered.  Riders who fail to cancel within the 48 hours will forfeit their entry fee.  All cancellations will be subject to a $20.00 process fee.

F – Supplementary Rules and Regulations – may be issued from time to time for clarification and or interpretation of the enclosed MLA events.  These supplementary rules will become part of the official MLA Rule book.

G – Inclement Weather/Unacceptable Track Conditions

1.1   In the event of inclement or hazardous weather conditions, excessive rain or other unfavorable conditions, the race director may deem necessary to alter the schedule by adjusting the following: practice, qualifying, races or delaying or stopping the event completely.

1.2   Should the event be stopped due to the hazardous conditions, the event will be scored according to finishes at that time.

1.3   Should the event be delayed, the event will resume in the best possible order.

1.4   Should hazardous weather conditions not be a factor, the event may be conducted regardless.

1.5   Should the race be stopped and canceled any class and or moto that is less that 50% complete will be rescheduled at the next event as an extra points paying event.

1.6   Hazardous weather conditions shall mean:  high winds, lighting, hail, excessive rainfall, but not limited to any of the above

H – Rules

1.1   All competitors entered in the event must attend the scheduled riders meeting.

1.2   Registered competition motorcycles may be ridden to staging and from the race track only.

1.3   The same motorcycle (same frame number) must be used for all qualifying sessions site lap session and race event that started from the 1st moto.  A rider cannot switch motorcycles during any event once started.

1.4   A rider or mechanic testing a motorcycle in the designated test area must wear a helmet and be dress appropriately.

1.5   Operation of all vehicles, golf carts, ATV or utility vehicles must operate at 10 mph.  NO speeding or RACING in the paddocks.

1.6   Persons must be 16 years of age to operate the vehicles in rule 1.5.

1.7   Persons must be 16 years of age to be in the designated restricted and mechanic areas.

1.8   Pets are prohibited in the mechanics areas.

1.9   All pets must be on a leash.

1.10            Proper attire is required in the mechanics area and starting area.  Open toe shoes, cut-offs, sleeveless shirts, tank tops are not permitted in the mechanics area and starting area.

1.11            NO smoking in the staging area, starting area or mechanics area.

1.12            Riders are responsible for the cleanliness of their pit area.  All fuel, oils, coolants and tires should be disposed of properly.

I – Technical Inspections

1.1   Sound testing may be held by the race official at any time prior to the end of the event.

1.2   The race official may require post race teardowns following the completion of the event.

1.3   Post race teardowns or inspections will be conducted by a pre approved qualified mechanic as selected by the race official.

1.4   Only an AMA or MLA official may inspect the motorcycle in questions.

1.5   Race impound will be conducted after each days moto finish or when deemed necessary by the race official.

J – Track Regulation

1.1   ONLY those riders that are officially entered my ride or practice on the race track the day of the event.

1.2   Riding in a manner as to endanger life or limb or other riders, officials or the public will be immediately disqualified and removed.

1.3   Riders must remain within the marked track.

1.4   A rider leaving the course should continue the race and properly re-enter at the next closest point without gaining a position or advantage.  The race official may determine the rider gained an advantage without gaining a position.

1.5   Adjustments, repairs or re-fueling is allowed, but must occur in the designated pit/signal area, and may be performed only by the authorized crew member with proper credentials and only in the designated area of the track.

1.6   Outside assistance to any rider is not permitted by anyone other than authorized crew members/personnel and only in the designated area, unless deemed by the race official for the purpose of control or safety.

1.7   Assistance is permitted during practice sessions only.

1.8   A rider or rider and motorcycle that enter the paddocks during a race will not be allowed to re-enter the race.

1.9   A rider and motorcycle may enter the race after the race has begun only if the race is not 50% complete and may only enter the race if the racers and motorcycle were never in the gate when the race begun.  This rider and motorcycle must have been qualified and seeded for the race.  race

K – Flags

1.1   Green Flag – the race has begun and the track is clear, given on the first lap only.

1.2   Crossed Flag – the race is halfway complete.

1.3   Red Flag – the race has been stopped, return to the staging with caution.

1.4   Black Flag – a problem has been determined with the motorcycle or rider, proceed to the mechanic, pit or signal area with caution.

1.5   Yellow Flag – a hazardous situation is on or near the track, NO JUMPING, NO PASSING

1.6   Red Cross Flag – medical personnel are on or near the track, NO JUMPING, NO PASSING, wheels on the ground, riders MUST SLOW down.

1.7   Blue Flag – move over from race line.  When near a jump, hold your line, NO cross jumping!

1.8   White Flag – final lap of race.

1.9   Checkered Flag – Race is complete, exit the track.

L – Staging Area

1.1   One motorcycle, one rider, one crew member

1.2   Crew member must wear a collared shirt.  NO muscle shirt cut off or open toed shoes.

1.3   NO Smoking

1.4   Rider or crew member MUST be with their motorcycle at all times.

1.5   Should a motorcycle develop mechanical issues prior to start of the race, the rider must remain in their staged position to retain their position on selected gate.

1.6   Riders who are present at the gate but are unable to start due to mechanical issues may join the race until 50% of the race is complete.

1.7   Riders may not exchange gate picks with other riders.

M – Start Procedures groomed.

1.1   Starting blocks are allowed (approved by referee).

1.2   Grooming of gate is allowed behind the gate only.  If concrete the entire concrete area may be groomed.

1.3   No tools of any kind including screw drivers, rocks, nails, cleats will be used to prepare gate.

1.4   Only one crew/mechanic allowed at starting gate.

1.5   The rider and motorcycle must be straight in the center of the gate.

N – Mechanic Area

1.1   Designated mechanic area will be open and available only to the riders and mechanics during their respected event only.

1.2   The motorcycle competing in the event will only be allowed in the area.

1.3   Persons less than 16 years of age are not allowed in mechanic area other than the rider in the event.

1.4   Smoking is prohibited in mechanic area.

1.5   Proper attire is required in mechanic area. No sleeveless muscle t-shirt, open toe shoes or cut off shorts.  Collar shirts are required!

O – Pit Area

1.1   Rider/team/crew members are responsible for the cleanliness of their pits.  No dumping of any fuels, oils, coolants, black water or hazardous materials of any kind.

1.2   Riders are responsible for any and all person actions in their pits.

1.3   Proper attire is required in pit area.

1.4   NO pit racing!

1.5   No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on a pit vehicle.

P – Restart

1.1   In the case of a restart, all riders MUST return to the respective gate positions in which they originally started.

1.2   In the case of a restart all riders must return to the gate. NO rider or motorcycle will be permitted to go to the paddock.

1.3   In the case of a red flag incident after two laps of the race is complete, the riders will be staged in the order/position for which they crossed the red flag signal.

1.4   Should a race be stopped after 50% of the race is complete, the race will be considered over.  The finish position will be as the rider crossed the finish line on the lap the race is stopped.

1.5   Should foul weather cause a red flag, riders will be directed to the paddock. NO motorcycle will be worked on for mechanical repairs until an official notification by the referee except for washing, fuel and lubrication.

  MLA Motocross League of AmericaMotocross League of America, where youth, amateur and Pro/Am competitors alike will compete together in a structured championship series. The Motocross League of America is a rider development program preparing racers of all ages for the toughest show on earth. The Motocross League of America will bring together major marquee events across the country to give racers more exposure through unique media marketing, excellent racing facilities, consistent racing conditions, class structure, rules and operating procedures, along with the Motocross League of America rider ranking points system. All MLA events will be sanctioned by the AMA and will also include Pro/Am points at each event.

The Motocross League of America (MLA) will create its own ranking system, ranking the top 40 racers within the MLA in their respective classes. The unique format of the MLA will provide competitors an opportunity to develop sponsors and team relationships, while offering a clean path to pursue their dream. The MLA will offer any sponsor the unique opportunity to market their product across the U.S., and abroad, through the marketing packages established by the MLA. The MLA: Helping to develop youth, amateur and Pro/Am competitors of today into their dreams and careers of tomorrow  
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